things that could have been and things that TOTALLY ARE!!!

Well hello there,

This is where things are going to be cracking off on a more regular basis. I realised with much panic the other day that i don’t have a place where i can put up WIP, sketches, random artwork and pages from my comics as well as my general musings and ideas! Shock! what sort of comic book artist doesn’t have one of those things? my twitter and facebook are still all going strong but they are more shout outs, networking and marketing. I want somewhere to shoot the shit as it were, to talk and show off… (my livejournal just wasn’t doing it for me anymore!)

So this is it. and i’m going to kick it all off with some of the pencils from my Transformers gig I got and lost in the space of a month this year. I was very excited but it turned out Hasbro got their knickers in a twist about my style. Apparently i was too stylised even though they wanted someone to freshen it all up! Interesting… anyway, here they are, tell me what you think…

i was really chuffed with page 5… that OptiPunch was difficult but way cool… in fact i think this whole battle came out swish… imagine it coloured up! (maybe i should colour it up…)

so there you go… makes me think about doing some sort of mecha battle comic just to say yaboo sux to Hasbro… we’ll see.

So that’s what could have been, here’s what TOTALLY IS! 7STRING!!! coupla spreads from Track 3 and the upcoming graphic novel! EXCITE!!!!!!!

this image is all the previous Soloists and the God’s of music behind them. From left to right they are Rock, Classical, Electro, Vocal, Folk, Hip-Hop and Jazz.

and this be an outline of the world the story’s set in… i love world-building shizz

so there you go, proof that i am indeed working my little face off. i spend all my time at the board and at the cintiq at the moment. good but hard times.

love to all, more soon


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