I have solved all Operating System problems…


Welcome to nOS, the ultimate operating system for a new generation of technology.

Operating systems these days are plagued with slowdown problems, multi-tasking issues and the constant battle for what makes a good human/computer interface. Some people love the windows task bar, and others; the Mac dock. Linux users prefer a good old text interface like the golden days of MSDos.

nOS does away with all of these, and replaces them with nothing.

That’s right, nothing at all. nOS steps revolutionarily into a new era of computer efficiency by removing the human element entirely. Replacing interface, with nothing. It cuts you out of the equation.

Operating systems tend to slowdown and become buggy over time due to human interaction. And you can’t blame us. When you have an open platform OS that allows radical customisation and the installation of a wide range of soft and hardware, we are tempted daily by the potential of our exciting computer interface.

But if we stopped for a second, and didn’t obsessively install the latest flash player plug ins or time wasting video games; If we took a breather and didn’t bother with Microsoft office or Norton Anti-Virus; if we chilled out and didn’t slather our desktop in widgets or change the colour of the window borders on a daily basis; our computer would run MUCH faster.

nOS makes this dream a possibility. It is completely closed source; no customisation is possible on any level. This keeps your machine running tightly and efficiently. You can’t install programs or widgets or games. You never have to worry about cluttering up your machine again!

Continuing on this theme, nOS endeavours to clean up your whole ICT world, including your desk! With no human interface AT ALL, nOS does not require a screen, keyboard or mouse. Now all you have to find space for, is your computer!

As a result of all this it will run your computer at maximum efficiency. Keeping your processor speeds up, your CPU cool and power managed expertly. You will never lose data again as you can’t make any!

nOS, like turning your computer off, but more efficient.

Buy NOW!


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