My day by day and My JLA

hey dudes,

Comix are going good. I’m trying to be on a page a day at the moment. Its difficult normally because of the dayjob and all but i’ve actually been doing quite well. I’m on half-term now though. 2 weeks of comix devotion.  I CAN DO THIS. thing is, i don’t even have to tell myself to do it now… i get this nagging in my brain when i’m not working, telling me sub-consciously to get back to it. It’s cool, don’t worry, i’m not having a breakdown.

Here’s a step by step for what I do on one of my most recent pages:

First up i always thumbnail. This is usually on some scrappy bit of paper i find under my bed or in my pocket when the idea for a page hits me. This is actually the hardest bit. I’m a stickler for good page layouts, eye flow, timing, all that. Comics staples. I can work that out in the thumbnail stage. Then i just gotta draw it. The problem often arises that I get the nature of something JUST PERFECT in the crappy thumbnail and never quite get there again! This could have happened in the last panel with Nette’s teacher. In the thumbnail I really hit on a proper good pose and face. I was worried that i would never quite recreate that in the final page, but in this case, i think i did.

Then i draw it all out. For this i use the coloured, erasable animator’s pencil Col-Erase. These are amazing for the next stage, the inks. I ink my blue pencilled lines with Faber-Castell PITT pens but then i DON’T erase my pencils before scanning. I used to, but erasing would often damage my ink lines meaning lots of touchup in Photoshop, so instead i use P-shop’s colour select, to just select the blue and then BAM! delete, its gone, my lines are clean. proper cool.

Finally i colour it all up in Photoshop using my standard palettes. This whole process tends to take about 4/5 hours. Im pretty quick i gather but that’s still a long time. So one page a day… I CAN DO THIS.

I also followed in the footsteps of the awesome Aaron Diaz who draws Dresden Codak and decided to do my own reboot of the JLA. In case you dont know, DC Comics have just rebooted all of their major comic characters and reset all of their stories and books to a set of 52 new #1’s!! A lot of things have been changed about classics such as Superman and Batman including costumes and origin stories so i thought i’d go a bit mental with it. Here’s what I’d do:

I wont go into quite so much detail as Aaron did on his blog but here’s a few points:

BATMAN has glowing elements on his suit. This allows him to literally appear and disappear in the eyes of his enemies as they are unable to get used to the dark. He controls the lights from his belt and can find a good shadowy spot and then suddenly activate them to scare the living bejeezus out of goons. ROBIN is a girl Robin like from ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ cos i liked that dynamic. Both SUPERMAN and SUPERGIRL wear Kryptonian Spacesuits which carry the symbol for the House of El  on them. The symbol looks more alien than a human ‘S’ but is interpreted as an ‘S’ earning him the nickname ‘Superman’. Then i chucked a Flash and Wonder Woman and a Green Lantern with a much more UNIFORM-like UNIFORM. Like the military or something. I think Hal would make something like that.

So there we go! BIG POST!! hope you enjoyed and GOODNIGHT!!


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