churning the comix butter

Hey dudes,

I’ve been drawing comics. Loadsa comics. This makes me
happy. I’m still deep in 7STRING but there’s light at the end of the
kickass-awesome tunnel I’m in. There’s about 8 or 9 pages left to go to finish
the graphic novel but those 8 or 9 pages won’t see their way into Track 3, the
third and final self published issue EVER of 7STRING that I am releasing for
the next handful of cons I have coming up.

Basically, I’m self-publishing Track 3 so that those who
have bought Track 1 and Track 2 have a third and final issue that explains some
of the mysterious things that turned up in the previous two instalments and to
give them a bit of closure. The first graphic novel will contain everything
that Tracks 1, 2 and 3 have in them as well as more pages of story and a
cartload of extras such as concepts, character sheets and interviews and such.

So to sum up, buy Track 3 if you have Tracks 1 and 2, and
own some exclusive limited edition self-published issues never to be released
again! Then wait patiently til spring 2012 and enjoy an even more radical trade
paperback containing all that and more!! WOO! And if you haven’t bought
anything of mine yet, get the self-published tracks while they’re hot as there
won’t be many printed- OR……….. wait for the kickass TPB next year!!

Goto and click on
the 7STRING link to buy…

Enough shameless plugging, here’s an unlettered page from
Track 3:

And a picture I’ve been drawing for the best part of a year
and only just got around to finishing and colouring all up:

This is Mona Warprunner… she’s a teleporter. I’m thinking
about doing a series of pictures with her teleporting all sorts of places amid
hectic action, time allowing. This picture is a good sum up of why I like
comics so much. Gutter tricks. Playing with storytelling semiotics to convey a
complex notion like teleporting. Comics are infinitely equipped with language
and style to communicate this, as long as you know what you’re doing. Mastering
the kung-fu. Fully exploiting the facets of the medium you work within. A
random dude commented on some of the tricks I used in Cat and Meringue along
similar lines. It’s almost like magic, working out a clever way of doing
something in a system that’s existed for years, kinda like coding, or writing a
clever app. The system and language of comics is evolving with every book and I
LOVE being a part of it.

I’ve got a few other projects on the way too. I can’t say
much about them at this stage but it’s safe to say that there are more books on
the way from the nichangell comix towers, one of which is another of my own.
2012 is gonna be busy but mega.

Also for exclusive news you won’t hear on my blog or
anywhere else for that matter (secrets) and WIPs and offers, become part of my
inner circle and sign up to my newsletter. Also on my site, huge button, half
way down, you can’t miss it.

I might actually start calling it my inner circle. We could
meet in robes and masks and sacrifi-



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