Thoughtbubble and new pictures!!

sup team,

this month’s been quite a crazy one, not least because of the ultraFEST that was Thoughtbubble in Leeds. Without doubt my favourite con of the year both for kickass comix dudes and sales of my stuff. With regards to my personal successes I sold out of Track 1 and Track 2 of 7STRING so that felt good and I got some ace feedback from some special people.

Speaking of people, i chatted to the ace David O’Connell (of Tozo fame) and the awesome Tom Siddell (of Gunnerkrigg fame) who I was lucky enough to have a table next to. We traded advice and he gave me some ace tips about post published small pressing. Advice I will be applying very soon. It was nice to see Martin Eden again but i forgot to grab a copy of the latest Spandex so Martin? I’ll be back. Owen of the CrazyFoxMachine was an epic pleasure as always, that dude is such a laugh and a brilliant comix storyteller. I love catching up with him and his CrazyVixenMachine Jazz. I chatted to Paul Duffield (he has a new project, google it and support the dude) and his missus Kate (who i gushed at about her beautiful new hardback edition of Fish and Chocolate GORGEOUS). Then my con family, the people I always have to see; Jess Bradley (who’s book ‘Brains Etc’ is coming out under the Zeta Comics umbrella too!), John-Paul Bove, Will Kirkby (TukTuk OMG), Naniiebim, Jen Smith, Couk and Loz and Nikki Stuart (who had prints of her upcoming Honeydew and Magic which looks amazing)

As far as recent acquisitions go, I got my hands on Nelson and Habibi. I can’t wait to start reading both of this epic, beautiful and important books. I can also tell you unequivocably…. DINOPOPULOUS IS FANTASTIC. Buy it from Blank Slate as soon as you can… you won’t regret it.

In other news, 7STRING Track 1 is now available from Amazon, electronically for Kindle!! But don’t worry, if you don’t own a kindle, you can still download it to your computer with a fancy kindle reading piece of software, and THAT way, you still see it in glorious technicolour, although the black and white on the kindle itself works surprisingly well too! If you like 7STRING I’d love it if you’d go to the Amazon page and click the ‘like’ button, even write a review if you’ve got a minute! Thanks! Here’s the link:

And, here are some pictures I drew:

This is a knight I did as a commission, I think he turned out pretty snazzy. That was drawn entirely on Cintiq and painted in Photoshop. I’m dabbling with a more realistic and gritty approach which I might use in later projects. (don’t worry, I’m still 100% committed to my 7STRING style. Its my true voice for sure)

And this is picture of pretty much all my favourite characters in one place. Id love this as a tshirt. I wouldn’t need another tshirt ever again.

Track 1 reprint is on the way for all those who missed out on a copy at thoughtbubble but this is the final run. So if you want one, get your orders in on the paypal button NOW!! And I will get it sent to you as soon as they’re off the press.

Nothing more to say now except, sign up for my newsletter on my site AT ONCE for I am about to put a new one out and its got loads of juicy exclusives that you wont be able to see anywhere else on the internet. Including pictures from my next TWO PROJECTS!!! New comix coming for a new year… fasten your CHUTEBELTS!!


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