Hey guys,

2012 is entirely upon us in all its annual glory. Only one year until we start saying year’s names with a ‘teen in them such as ‘twenty thirteen’…  that, i’m reliably informed, is the start of the FUTURE.

this year’s going to be very work heavy for me with lots of 7STRING and work on my upcoming 2 self-published stories; SOL and Annumventurer. This is the first time i’ve really talked about either of those outside of my newsletter which is still the first and best place to pick up nichangell comix news so SIGN UP at my site! http://www.nichangell.co.uk … big button, you can’t miss it.

So here are some early pictures to show you what these projects are going to look like… a bit…

SOL, my futuristic european sci-fi pulp adventure series which is gonna blow your MINDCARTS. You’ll see more on this soon… AND…

The Annumventurer, an action-packed modern day fantasy story about giants that appear only for one month of the year.

AND OF COURSE MORE 7STRING… we should see the first graphic novel as well as loads more story and exciting developments of my favourite story and the most fun I can have with a pen in my hand… here’s a page you won’t see anywhere else except in the graphic novel:

so, i hope this is a great year for all of us and particularly British indie comics, i feel like 2011 was amazing for UK comix scene and with such a backing of monetum, 2012 is gonna be even more awesome… to get a feel of what I mean check out Nelson and Dinopopulous both from Blank Slate Books. If you can read both of those and NOT think that British comics is somewhere awesome right now then NONSENSE IS ALL I CAN SHOUT TO YOU-

but i know you guys are on my side (you better be)

love to ALL


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