Awesomely my mum picked me up some old 90’s X-Men graphic novels the other day from an Oxfam in town. Among them was a Generation X book. Its proper 90’s fare but its also great. Back when the stories had no qualms about jumping dimension/plane of existence every couple of pages, when characters of cosmic significance were gold and very shiny all over, the astral plane turned up in every book and the villains were very dark (and often very spiky)…

Still, Generation X particularly, has some ace writing and the team is brilliant. Some fantastic characters and a great balance of empowered but also properly MUTATED characters. I think characters like Skin and Husk are mega, believable mutations that would definitely lead to prejudice from regular humans.

Jubilee’s in this book. i know its a contentious issue but i’ve always liked Jubilee. She’s a product of her time but a positive one. She has a hilarious way of talking and her ‘power’ being so barely powerful, made her an interesting person to have on the team. I think people saying ‘What’s the point of Jubilee’ as a negative are actually missing the positive it really has. What is her point?… what’s her role? She’s always trying to prove herself and her worth to the team. She’s the Xander character in a way… but with a bit of sass.

So i drew her. Partly cos i think she suits my style and partly cos i want to put more one off artworks up more regularly to have something to show you guys. I’m so head-down in comix that i cant show you all the time, i never get anything done to show that i am in fact- STILL AN ARTIST. so i’m gonna do a series of X-Men reimaginings. They’ve changed costume more often than Wonder Woman has, so coming up with new uniform staples and variants will be fun.

hope you like… tell me what you think…


One thought on “JUBILEE

  1. I have a lot of love for Jubes, but there is one thing I cannot stand, and that’s her yellow trench coat/ pink glasses costume. I don’t know why, but it just irritates the crap outta me. Like you said though, very much a product of her time. Awesome pic though!

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