hey team! look its BATGIRL:

just got back from London town after an epicly tiring but pretty rad weekend at the London Super Comic Convention. Unfortunately I was let down by printers and so didn’t have any books to sell (which was a double disappoint cos they were sexy new Track 1 and Track 2 double volumes) but it was not a waste. I did a ton of commissions, the best of which I will show you all here, and made new friends and hung out with old ones so it was all round cool. Also sold some prints and Cat and Meringue books and refreshed my personal feelings that people really do care about 7STRING and are enjoying where its going.

My books have come today though! So if you are one of those people who i promised a copy of my book when it arrives then zoom over to my page and click the 7STRING image to take you to a link at the bottom of the page to buy a copy of the combined Track 1 and 2 volume through Paypal. HOO. RAY.

Anyway, onto arts… these are all sketches i did on commission for cool dudes over the two days. They’re £20 a pop so if you want one just drop me a line!…

this is a Green Lantern House (Hugh Laurie’s show) who i’m calling GREENHOUSE (hahahahahaha) and a physics teacher Goku…. i know right?

Impulse and a rather bootylicious Power-Girl… (who has ended up looking like Amber from Invincible)

Gum from Jet Set Radio and a Wonder Woman which i am PARTICULARLY happy with. In fact i think she was my best sketch of the day.  Think i might colour Gum and Diana up a treat… hells yep.

Also here’s a picture i did for my gorgeous lady who always helps me out at cons and is all round the greatest person in the universe. I couldn’t imagine up a better person than she. This was for her birthday and is now on the wall above her bed. It is our ship, and we are having a picnic on it… in space… obv.


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