7STRING cover and other cool stuffz

so after much agonising (as my girlfriend will attest to, i’ve been bugging her constantly with ideas and shitty sketches) this is the final design for the cover for my first graphic novel ‘7STRING Volume 1’. I agonised because i wanted it to be referential of the comic without giving everything away. I wanted it to be exciting but also on a strict format so that future volumes could follow its layout and design. I also didn’t want to illustrate just one particular scene of the story, as far too much happens for one image to cover. SO here it is. I’m very happy now. The note will be the uniform-format changing element, future books will have different note contents and colours.

In other news i hit 400 followers on Twitter recently so i drew this:

see if you can spot the number ‘400’ in it. I hid it rather well so don’t worry if you can’t. If you don’t yet follow me on Twitter hit me up, i’m @nichangell

Also i’ve been drawing a lot of these lately:

caricaturey, character images of people for people as gifts. I never really fancied myself as a caricature artist and i still wouldn’t. I’m just applying my comic bookey style to portraiture and making nice personalised gifts for people. But if you want one please don’t hesitate to get in contact at nichangell@hotmail.co.uk

Finally Cat and Meringue is changing. I’m making it much more of a focused project in my life and as such it is getting a brand new website (with its own URL not just a wordpress blog) and new self published books and merchandise. I have also set up a Facebook page for it which is going to become something of a forum for Cat and Meringue news and a base for a fanclub. Its fairly safe to say that if you want to make sure you hear about everything Cat and Meringue AND are counted as a devoted fan and supporter of the comic, this is the page you need to ‘like’ on Facebook. The comic will also post there so you don’t ever need to worry about missing another strip if you’re connected.

expect membership cards and badges. join here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cat-and-Meringues-Elite-Team-of-Brilliant-Dudes/122101821224183

thanks everyone! see you all soon


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