7STRING Vol 1’s release, CONVENTIONS and a chance to win a Raygun!

WE ARE SO CLOSE! I am so excited that i can feel vibrations in Astral Plane, the Pacific Rim has become violently active, hysteria is infecting the populace on an international level and the bread i’m baking in the oven is rising quite a bit faster than i thought it would. WOW! The graphic novel of the first part of 7STRING will be available in a but a few weeks, maybe even less than that.

Not only does it collect the first 3 tracks that you may have seen or picked up from my various output pipes (conventions, online sales and the like) but it also has nearly 20 more pages of story line rounding up the first third of the saga with a kickass ending. It also has remastered artwork back throughout the earlier chapters including some additional pages within the earlier tracks to improve the pacing and flow (and to allow for some totally awesome new scenes) and a whole bunch of bonus stuff at the back. Here’s the bonus breakdown:

1. A breakdown on how music truly functions in the 7STRING universe from a combat perspective. How my characters fight, the rules and how they might win, plus lots more insights into the mythology and design of my world at a FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL.

2. Sketches of characters that you might have scene, will see later or might not see at all that also add to the mythology as a whole.

3. The clef weapons guide that appeared in the end of Track 1 (self-published) that so many people raved about!

The final book will weigh in at a meaty 101 pages. There’s a lot to enjoy there. I will let you all know when its available and where from, when i know.

i also drew this. Red Ryde, she represents my early efforts into digital painting as a way to enhance my style.  I’m pretty happy with this but i’ve still got a long way to go to really bring digi-painting to my work.

CONVENTIONS: I have a lot of these in May (well 3) and I will focus on each one before I head to them and after i’ve been, over the coming weeks. Here’s the overview:

Bristol Comics Expo on the 12th and 13th of May: This con is always brilliant but i expect it to be particularly so as it goes back to its roots and puts all the exhibitors under one roof at the train station Engine Shed!! This means we share the pro and big publisher footfall and get an exciting change of venue! Sounds all good to me!

Kapow Comic Con in London 19th and 20th of May: Big con that debuted last year and although it wasn’t particularly strong on small press exhibitors i did really well and enjoyed it immensely. Its grown again this year so i expect more small press dudes! Tell me if you’re heading down and I’ll see you there!

Melksham Comic Con 26th of May: Brand spanking new convention in my home county of Wiltshire, which not only so far seems exceptionally well organised and exciting BUT i was asked to exhibit personally AND i will be appearing on a panel (FIRST PANEL APPEARANCE EVER!!) so if you want to see me performing as some sort of artist monkey… i suggest you hit it up! Also the brilliant Jon Lock is on the same panel with me and we’ll be dropping truth bombs about the indie comics industry so COME AND ASK US QUESTIONS!

Speaking of Jon Lock, if you haven’t read his awesome graphic novel Afterlife Inc http://www.jonlock.com/ then you’re missing out on a high production value, world building extravaganza comic which is outstandingly written. We’ve been planning to work together for some time (him writing, me drawing) but recently hit upon the most awesome collaboration project idea you could ever imagine. Its early days right now, but it WILL BLOW YOUR CHEEKS OFF.

finally, do you want one of these? A WETA Saboteur Raygun from the amazing WETA Workshop who design weapons and props for Hollywood! Well, keep watching this space. My publisher and I will soon go public with a competition to win one of these in the aim of publicising 7STRING’s release!!

Keep your weapons tuned, this is DROP D territory…


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