Hey dudes, I have a favour to ask.

As i’m sure you’re aware my first graphic novel was recently published. I am of course over the moon about this!! Work is going very well and i’ve got loads of pro magazine work for kids comics, an entry in a digital monthly anthology and a whole load of regular freelance work. This is a good thing but the problem is, still having a dayjob means I am seriously burning the candle at both ends AND, most importantly, i am not getting a chance to work on the next volume of my book. This is killing me because i’m KEENLY passionate about this story and the first volume is getting a lot of attention and acclaim so i really want to follow it up!

As a result I have a launched a Kickstarter campaign for 7STRING Vol 2. In case you don’t know what Kickstarter is; it is a website where you put forward an idea, concept or product you want to create or develop. You also put forward an amount of money you need to raise to realise said project. People come to the site, look through the projects and if they see something that catches their eye, or sounds cool they invest a small sum of money in it. When many people come together and pledge small amounts you hopefully eventually reach your goal and you get your money to fund your project. The beauty is, if you don’t make your designated amount in 30 days, anyone who has pledged does not pay a penny. People only pay if you reach target.

You also outline special rewards for pledges, increasing in awesomeness as the pledges increase in size. The £10,000 i have requested will be used to fund the creation of the book and allow me to go full time with my comics work, the ONLY way i’m going to be able to balance my pro work with the work i love. My rewards run from a thank you in the book, right up to a limited edition hardback artbook full of concept work, actual original pages of comic artwork, and the opportunity to design something that WILL appear in the pages of the story!

I do still have a publisher for the book. However, a publisher does not mean I have the funds to work on the book, or that the book is now selling incredibly successfully. It is doing well but the work a publisher does, takes years to grow the awareness of a book. It is very early days for me, the book is still stuck in relative obscurity and I need your help to allow me to give 7STRING the best chance its got at being a success by devoting all MY time to working on it.

I was wondering if i could trouble you for a pledge. As i only have 17 days remaining I am literally following every lead I have to try and make my dream come true. I’ve already raised over £3500 but obviously I wont see any of that until i reach my goal. Any amount you can afford would be a huge boost both to me and of course the campaign itself. I would really appreciate it.

Here is the link to my campaign: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/234373302/7string-volume-2?ref=home_location

there is a video on there of me talking about the project and at one point i am dressed as Princess Leia. So its worth it just for that… i think…

And here is a slice of concept artwork from the second book, a costume redesign for Zach, to get you excited about Volume 2!

thanks for your consideration


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