Hey guys!

It was my birthday yesterday so i thought i’d share my haul with you. It was particularly badass this year:


My parents got me a RAID ARRAY hard drive to store all my precious comix and drawings so they’re safe and secure AND a radio control helicopter that does stunts and shiz. Its wicked cool. My amazing lady got me a whole sushi making kit, complete with chopsticks, a proper wooden bento box and a bento cookbook!! She also got me 2 GAMES!! Betrayal at House on the Hill, which i’ve played with the legendary Jon Lock and Lucy. Fantastic game, and Chrononauts, a time travel, paradox creating card game which is SO unbelievably clever. Me and Ali played a round… she won. Obviously. I also got some quality streets from someone i work with. RAD.

Also, in other news, i recently did a book signing at Waterstones in Salisbury. It was a wicked-cool day, chatted to some awesome people, maybe got some work out of it BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY SIGNED A LOAD OF BOOKS which people then went on to buy. Which was nice of them.

While I was there, at my little signing table I did some drawing to make it clear I COULD draw and that it was likely I HAD drawn the book in front of me… here are some little 7STRING sketches i threw together while I was sat in Waterstones for a day!


so there we go. Zach, Efex and 2 NETTES!! Sorry Liph, you didn’t get a look-in this time!

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