The Thread Chamber

Hey dudes!

As i’m sure a lot of you are aware my Kickstarter campaign for 7STRING Vol 2 was unsuccessful. But since then, I have been working with The Thread Chamber to put together a whole starting range of designs for the launch of their company.



If you very kindly pledged to my previous campaign I would love it if you would consider supporting me again in this one. By supporting this company you are majorly supporting me and my work AND you get a chance to get a cool t-shirt with my work on it!

Not only that but The Thread Chamber are now the official providers of 7STRING merchandise in the form of an amazing and exclusive 7STRING t-shirt!!


The tees are of an astonishing quality and look great. The Thread Chamber is looking to set itself up to not only sell fresh and awesome tshirt designs but also provide an affordable service for artists and creators (like myself) to easily have high quality merchandise available of their designs.


It not only takes the hassle of set up and sale away from the artist, allowing them to focus on their work, but also provides a central hub for modern and indie tshirt designs to be bought and enjoyed by all.

The Thread Chamber really are perfect for indie artists and designers alike!


So please consider supporting me and 7STRING again through this slightly different avenue.

Thank you!!


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