OFF PANEL and Conventions 2013

box in middle pic

THIS IS OFF PANEL. A kickass, revolutionary, convention-breaking, top-trumps-esque card game doubling as the largest comics crossover event in the history of sequential art. I have brought 16 comic book artists together, all of whom are immensely talented with small press comics of their own. They put their characters forward to enter into battle with characters from everyone else’s comics for the ultimate comix battle royale!

Every card has information about the characters and a place to find out more about the comic they are from so customers who pick up the game have the chance to discover loads of new comics and we artists get to CROSS-POLLINATE OUR FANBASES! which is no bad thing.

At the moment the game is only available from conventions so look below to see where i’ll be to get yourself a deck. Its 50 cards of stunning artwork and awesome characters. You’d be crazy to miss out!!

Its been selling incredibly well and I have a vast waiting list of new artists who wnat in on the next deck so i’d consider it a success. Keep your eyes on my blog (here) or subscribe to my newsletter to be kept up to date on new decks and the inevitable online shop!!

In other news, nichangell comix was at London Super Comic Convention (23rd and 24th of Feb) and Cardiff International Comics Expo (2nd and 3rd March) and they were both great even if I did catch horrendous con-flu from LSCC!
But it was rad to catch up with all my con friends and introduce some new people to 7STRING. Very cool.

I’m hitting as many cons as I can this year so here is an absolute list so far:

Birmingham MCM – 16th and 17th March

Comiket – April 20th

Bristol Comics Expo – 11th and 12th May

London MCM – 25th and 26th May

Melksham 2013 – August 31st

Lakes Comic Art Festival – October TBC

Thoughtbubble 2013 – 23rd and 24th November

Hopefully see some of you guys at one of these!
Love to all!!



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