Bristol Comics Expo and London MCM!!

Photo 11-05-2013 09 36 02

Last weekend Nichangell Comix (thats a fancy 3rd person name for ME and my lovely lady Ali) hit the Bristol Comics Expo and it was rad. This was the first outing of what I’m calling my Mk 3 table and i’m happy with the swankiness rating which i’m putting at approximately 14. You can squint at the rubbish picture above to get an idea of how my 14 swanks table looked…

Bristol saw the introduction of my art-print map of Melodia which the eagle-eyed amongst you may have seen on this very blog and on deviantart. HOWEVER, these were high quality prints, folded and packaged with a certificate of authenticity from Lontano Starchord (famed explorer and cartograper of Melodia). They even came with a badge of the crest of the Starchord Estate! I KNOW RIGHT?! more world buildingy goodness… can’t get enough of that stuff. On top of that, there was the epic 7STRING VOL 1 ULTIMATE CHORD BUNDLE which included a copy of Vol 1, a map package, a teaser for the upcoming crossover The Heavenly Chord and ANY PRINT OF YOUR CHOICE! All for only £15! Now thats a deal.

This exact same deal will be available at London MCM in two weeks, along with the map packs and I’m getting a load more printed up so if you fancy one NEVER FEAR!! and if you can’t make the conventions, drop me an email ( and i’ll be sure to arrange some sort of postage operation! See the bottom of this post for pics of the maps and bundles.

But Bristol was amazing, NOT ONLY because of great sales and feedback on 7STRING but because of great PEOPLE. It was great to see everyone in my amazing comix family and it really does feel like we’re a family now. These events aren’t just business and sales, in fact that generally takes a back seat to catching up with the team. I look forward to cons for seeing everyone. I love the UK Smallpress comics scene, everyone is so awesome and supportive. I remember when I was just starting out with crappy little photocopied books. I felt so in over my head. But its great to really be a part of something with all these people… we ARE comics now. And there are some really cool comics out there.

The UK indie comics scene is so hot right now. There is some truely epic talent that has to be seen to be believed and the quality and professionalism of some of these books will literally blow your mind.

This is a great time to be drawing comics.

Pour me a glass of sequential art and I shall CLINK it with yours.


Photo 10-05-2013 14 02 18Photo 10-05-2013 14 02 40



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