nichangell comix convention schedule 2013 (with book releases!)


I am hitting a lot of conventions this year… I think by the end of 2013 this will have been my busiest convention tour ever. So I thought I’d give you all a nice heads-up in case I’m coming to a town near you. It’d be ace to be able to say hi to anyone who reads my ramblings online or who has supported me in any way over the years.

Not only that, but this is a year of exciting new things coming out of nichangell comix towers! so I will mark on when you can expect to see the release of a new nichangell comix product, so I can get the hype flowing, (both for you AND for me!) Everyone likes a good deadline, particularly in this business!

So here we go, this is the future, laid out for you:

London MCM – 25-26 May – RELEASE: WARP-RUNNING QUANTUM DRIVE STARHEROES – the illustration and comic art of nichangell – delux 40 page artbook collecting concept work, prints, fanarts and doodles and any other bits I thought you might like!

Manchester MCM – 20th July

Melksham Comiccon – 31st August – RELEASE: The Heavenly Chord Pt 1 – an astonishingly epic crossover of my comic 7STRING with the amazing Afterlife Inc by Jon Lock ( See the post below this one for all the details on the crossover event of the summer!

RELEASE: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTED CAT AND MERINGUE TOME – (expect a better name than that) a collection of every single Cat and Meringue strip over its nearly 3 year webcomic life. Thats 1000 strips. Chart their adventures in the greatest on-the-loo book ever printed.

Lincoln Comic Con – 1st September

Nerdfest Nottingham – 5th October

Comics Clocktower, Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Kendal – 19-20 October – RELEASE: Tabby and Trout Issue 1 – the first print collected edition of my silly space opera comedy about a miscreant duo who steal a starship in the Whisper Nebula. It will collect the first 4 chapters and a load of fancy pinups and extra bits!

Thoughtbubble – Leeds – 23-24 November – RELEASE: The World of 7STRING – the ultimate companion to the 7STRING universe filled with never before seen paintings telling you more about the world, the people, the cultures and the history of Melodia and beyond. Both an artbook and an essential guide to a new world. Oh yeah, and its gonna be hardback.

RELEASE: 7STRING Volume 2: Teaser – Your first look at the upcoming much-anticipated sequel to 7STRING Volume 1. Be at Thoughtbubble to see what happens to Zach next.

EVENT: The Heavenly Chord Panel at Thoughtbubble 2013 – Come and see me and Jon talk extensively about our new crossover baby as well as generally about our work and the future of our smallpress empires! (to be confirmed)

so there you go. this year’s gonna be rad. now I need to go and draw all this stuff.


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