mcm panorama

MCM was MEGA, MASSIVE AND MAWESOME, as you can see from this crazy picture which I had to hand sew together (shoddily) in PS because there was so much cracking off, it made Photoshop go mental with its auto-align.

You can even make out the bright yellow Cat at my table at the con and the legendary Ali chatting up some potential customers with her winning smile and EXPERT-LEVEL 7STRING knowledge.

It was a great con, I nearly sold out of books and did sell out of a few prints and dropped some mega hype bombs for 7STRING Vol 2 and the upcoming crossover with Afterlife Inc. So many people came and asked when Vol 2 would be out which entirely made my weekend… so cool to know there’s a lot of love out there for Zach’s adventure… I assure you I will not disappoint you when I drop the next book…

Here’s a couple of marker coloured commissions I drew at the convention. First is Jun from Gatchaman. She was rad to draw, i really dig the Gatchaman costumes. The other is a portrait of the rather handsome Josh Harris who I gave the coolest guitar…

Jun GatchaforceBadass portrait

I was also interviewed by the awesome ‘Lazy as Funk’ YouTube series at the convention, look at my face talk mouthwords about my work, The Heavenly Chord and Melksham Comic Convention here:


But this weekend wasn’t JUST convention stuff. My London adventure began on Thursday night last week as we rushed up to the Hammersmith Apollo to see the orchestral concert, The Legend of Zelda; Symphony of the Goddesses.

zelda symphonyIt was amazing, beautiful, dare I say it EMOTIONAL. My first Zelda, and potentially my favourite is the Game Boy classic, Link’s Awakening. When they played ‘The Ballad of the Windfish’ as their second encore I nearly exploded. It took me right back to being 10 years old, keeping a permanent game save on my Game Boy before the end boss JUST SO I could hear that amazing 8bit melody whenever I wanted. The arrangement blew me away.

My amazing lady Ali bought us tickets for the concert as an anniversary present… that is one of many reasons why she is the greatest woman in the world….



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