Cello Warrior – 7STRING Commission

Over 2 years ago a legendary fan of 7STRING (which at that point only consisted of Track 1) commissioned me to do a sketch of her as a 7STRING character at the Kapow Convention of 2011. She played the cello so she wanted me to turn the cello into a kickass weapon of some sort… which i did. Now, recently, she got in contact again and has commissioned me properly this time to produce some artwork for her new house. She wanted the cello warrior again, the only stipulation being that she had green hair… as she does herself!

My work has come on significantly since the first commission and i honed and improved the idea of a cello weapon and her costume to the image below… i imagine that the inside of the weapon is always warm with magical embers… ready to launch a hot musical assault at any minute. Its really very cool when i get commissioned to work within my own world… easily the most fun work I’ve done this week!

cello warrior lorez


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