BIG PUNCH, Tabby and Trout, Cat and Meringue, My Tache and the 7STRING Video Game!!

Hey guys! What a lot of things I have to show you this time. The first and most important thing is that in JUST over a week me and my comics-cohort Jon Lock will be hitting Thoughtbubble Comics Festival in Leeds at tables 113 and 114. Check out the Thoughtbubble website here:

Its an amazing convention for celebrating the self publishers and the indie comickers and its HUGE. Jon and I will have a panel on the Sunday as well talking about our various comics, collaborations and our approach to comics; aiming high and making blockbusting comics. Emulating the pros, doing things big but doing it in our own way.

It will also be the first con where the name of this fusion of Nichangell Comix and Jon Lock Comics, is revealed. From now on, Jon and I will be operating under the banner of ‘BIG PUNCH STUDIOS’

big punch logo fin


BIG PUNCH STUDIOS will be launching an unprecedented 3 NEW BOOKS at this convention! Jon Lock Comics is smashing out the next volume of his hit graphic novel series Afterlife Inc, ‘Lifeblood’. And Nichangell Comix is launching the epic hardback, ‘Cat and Meringue, 1000 Days of Adventure’ AND the first issue of the daft comedy sci-fi ‘Tabby and Trout’!! Can you believe it? Here’s a page from the incoming Tabby and Trout issue:

page 3


In other news, as I’m sure you’ve seen from my previous blog post, I am raising money for Ulcerative Colitis by growing a moustache throughout November and ending up looking as silly as a nearly 28 year old man can. I have a JustGiving donation page set up here:
Here is my Tache so far:

Photo 16-11-2013 22 03 46

If you would like to donate, ANY amount is welcome and will make a difference to learning a bit more about this illness which I and many others suffer from. Thank you.


Photo 17-11-2013 10 20 34


If like me you have been ACHING for a 7STRING Video Game, in the style of old school 2D RPGs,then get yourself over to my table at Thoughtbubble in Leeds. There will be a playable, very early Beta version to have a go on allowing you to fight in one battle against the mighty Organ Drake (screenshot shown above). HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!!

See you soon you legendary dudes!


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