2014 IS THE YEAR OF 7STRING Volume 2

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2014 IS THE YEAR OF 7STRING VOLUME 2. I have kicked off this new year with a fresh and clear schedule and only a handful of projects I really care about, the number one priority being 7STRING Volume 2. This means more time and RENEWED VIGOUR on the book.

This image and post is a promise both to you and me to get this bad boy completed and released this year as I always planned to, and i’m feeling very good about it. I’m pretty chuffed with the pages and work I’ve done so far. Make sure you keep following the #whereisZach tag to see sneak peeks, teasers and WIPs as well as finding out where Zach is, post events in Volume 1. What was that scroll? And where is he heading out at the end of the first book?

I’ll have more to show you SO VERY SOON!

Also, for those who somehow missed me shouting about it through every social media gland I possess, I was recently interviewed by BBC Wiltshire about my kickstarted Cat and Meringue hardback collected tome, 1000 Days of Adventure. The interview probably isn’t up on iPlayer anymore as it was a little while ago now but it was an awesome chance to chat to Sue Davies, a daytime DJ, about how I work, the origin of the strip and to sell the book a little bit!

So here’s a pic of me and the seafaring duo in the BBC Studios! WOOPIDY DOOP!



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