Melksham Comic-Con is running a kickstarter again to raise money to put on their 3rd convention. I can’t stress enough how awesome this con is, has been and will be, and its going to be EVEN bigger this year! I’ve said before how we small-pressers and indie comic creators need more of these awesome smaller, less commercial cons. They are run with heart and passion for comics and give us creators the PERFECT platform to sell our wares. In this respect Melksham is the king of them all. Not only that but a shout out to all Wiltshire and Salisbury people… this is a nearby convention! That’s a big deal too! So pledge away my friends and get yourselves tickets to this awesome event and you can even bag an exclusive print by ME by pledging too, i will be revealing the image very soon! LETS GET INVOLVED WITH ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME CONS OF THE YEAR!!



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