Heavenly Chord PART 2 launches this weekend at Melksham Comic Con!!

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This weekend sees the epic return of one of the greatest conventions on these fair British Isles… MELKSHAM COMIC CON! It is one of my favourite cons of the year and without doubt the friendliest and personal con there is. That convention is like my second family, my home turf, my local… its where Jon Lock and I launched ‘The Heavenly Chord Part 1’ to an amazing reception and I will always love it there.

Which is why I am so GUTTED to be missing it this year.

To be fair, I’m doing something even better… my little brother Phil is getting married! I’m over the moon for him and I can’t wait for his big day with his amazing bride Lottie. I am best man so the pressure’s on with the speech! Its gonna be ace.

I will miss Melksham though, particularly as this years convention sees me and Jon returning to the spotlight with the launch of ‘The Heavenly Chord Part 2’; the epic conclusion to the crossover of our 2 worlds. Jon will be there, flying the flag for Big Punch as our first true Big Punch Studios product completes and hits the streets. So if you’re going to Melksham this year, get your bums over to Jon’s table where we will have copies of the first and second parts and you can see what Big Punch has been doing for the last 2 years.

Heavenly Chord is a big deal to us. It represents more than just a crossover, as you will come to realise if you pick up a copy. This is about Jon and I fusing our visions for our characters and our worlds… nothing will be the same as we had originally independantly planned for our stories from here on out. This changes everything.

And its going to be awesome. Big Punch represents Jon and I working together as a collaborative effort/studio but with that comes a whole lot more. And we have been planning and plotting for what comes next for quite a while now.

Heavenly Chord Part 2 launches at Melksham Comic Con this Saturday, August 30th.



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