7STRING Volume 2 Kickstarter and limited edition print artwork!!

Ladies and Gents… IT’S TIME. The kickstarter for production of 7STRING Volume 2 will be going live tomorrow, Tuesday, 30th September.
As i’m sure a lot of you are aware, the number of pledges made in the first 24 hours on a campaign are very important for its overall success, as this improves its ranking on Kickstarter and increases its reach and the number of people who see it.
SO, if you want to help support the printing of Volume 2, if you head to Kickstarter tomorrow and pledge any amount, your pledge will count towards improving the campaign’s chances! PLUS you could be one of the first people to bag yourself a copy! Its only a £15 pledge to get yourself a copy of the book.

Also there’s an early bird special! The first 10 people to pledge can choose to grab a copy for the amazing discounted price of just £10!! But its limited to 10, so make sure you get in there speedy-like!
I’m treating this campaign almost like a preorder opportunity for the book. The goal isn’t huge and if you pledge, it’ll just be like ordering the book online with a couple of nice extras thrown in!

I hope you’ll consider helping the launch of Volume 2 into the world, you have my personal assurances it’s going to be RAD.

here’s a teaser for a limited edition print which is also available in the rewards for the campaign!

cooool zach


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