BOOK LAUNCH! – 7STRING Vol 2 AND The Heavenly Chord – Thoughtbubble Convention 2014

Photo 16-11-2014 13 09 04

THOUGHTBUBBLE 2014 WAS AWESOME!! I was launching 7STRING Volume 2 and my Big Punch Studios brother Jon Lock and I were launching The Heavenly Chord graphic novel and they both went down a storm! I sold loads of copies and we got some amazing 7STRING and Heavenly Chord love from loads of lovely people. It couldn’t have been a more awesome end to the conventions of 2014. Having 3 books on the table, (a veritable series!) felt great and it was a real culmination and celebration after some tough weeks slaving away in the studio. There’s nothing quite like seeing a finished book, its an astonishing feeling and they both look so pretty. Heavenly Chord just seemed to sit perfectly with both the Afterlife Inc. series of books AND the 7STRING series, and it really tied the two series together. We’ve got the serious makings of a Big Punch Library here guys, YOU BETTER WATCH YOSELVES!

Photo 16-11-2014 13 09 20

Check out the amazing 7STRING model made by the legend that is Richard Clarke. I love it and it was an awesome centrepiece on my table for the book launch! I’ll be wheeling that bad boy out for many more cons in the future… fact.

vol 2 montage

And here’s 7STRING Vol 2 in all its glory. So so happy with it, its such a good feeling to have 2 7STRING books on my table now. I know its been a long time coming, I just hope its worth the wait!

Also, as always, saw a lot of legendary chums and friends, some of which had new books too and it was brill. I bought as many as I could load into my little car and they all look gorgeous. Comics and friends. What more do you need? If I could live at Thoughtbubble I would.

tbubs haul 2

Here’s my haul with comics from some amazing creators, Jack Devereaux (the delightfully bizarre My Thumb has Gills), Martin Kirby (the now colour edition of Freelancer), James Lawrence (DANGERINE 3 OMG SO EXCITE!), Shaun Dobie (Outlands… looks so pretty), Vince Hunt (Stalkerville collected, looks ace), Robert W Beech (The Man who lived Forever), Brogan Coral (Starlight and her vector lady style that I LOVE), Anastasia Catris (many prints from her awesome mystery envelopes!), Carlos Pedro (Solomon), Jamie Smart (hilarious Bunny vs Monkey) and The Etherington Brothers (the beautiful Long Gone Don).

I can’t wait to dive in.

Til next year my awesome dudes.

More soon!


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