I want to hear from you, 7STRING fans!

Hey awesome 7STRING fans…

I have had an idea that I would like to run past you, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. It means a lot to me what you guys think because this book, this story is for you, first and foremost, so here’s the thing:

A volume of 7STRING takes a long time to make. And although it hasn’t been very long since the launch of Volume 2, i’m really excited about this story and I want there to be more 7STRING out there for you to read as soon as possible. Not only that, but making a graphic novel is an expensive project, and even with all your awesome generosity there is still every chance that another kickstarter of the same scale as my last one for Vol 2, wouldn’t succeed.

Working as part of Big Punch Studios on our new quarterly magazine, Big Punch Magazine, has taught me a lot about a different model. You see, releasing more regular smaller episodic content is incredibly cost effective and allows for content to reach the fans of the story more regularly, its a win-win situation.

What if I switched to an issues model for 7STRING?

Now I know what you’re saying! This isn’t a new idea at all Nich! Comics have been releasing single issues since the dawn of time! Floppy, staple bound 24 page issue comics are the bread-and-butter of comics… and you are of course absolutely right.

But its a big thing for 7STRING because up until now, 7STRING has only been released as graphic novels. (The hardcore fans among you may remember that when I started out with 7STRING I was releasing as issues, Track 1, 2 and 3 were A4 sized stapled floppies about 4 years ago. But I did very short runs of those and switched to Graphic Novels pretty quickly. This all happened long before I saw any widespread success with 7STRING)


The reason I would look to switching to issues is it is a more cost effective way of releasing 7STRING, to you guys. Graphic novels are hard to make work financially as the profit margins are that much tighter. If I ran micro-kickstarters for each issue it would give the devoted among you a chance to preorder the issues and get them before anyone else, and at the same time, massivley help me out with the (now reduced) print costs.

I would release, something in the region of, 3 issues per volume and the plan would still be to collect them as a graphic novel after a run of the issues. But this only works if people are interested in buying the individual issues.

The way I see it, there are 2 groups of you out there. The collectors, who are keen to see a perfect 7STRING library of graphic novels on their shelves… and the story-fans who are literally just looking forward to the next part of the story. The collectors would wait for the GNs and the story-fans would buy the issues to find out what happens next!

As far as the collectors are concerned, it wouldn’t make any difference to the length of their wait for the GN. If anything it might speed it up a bit as splitting it into small chunks for the issues might allow me to motivate myself better (a set of small goals, rather than one overwhelming one)

So my question to you all is, do you like this idea? Am I messing you guys around too much with this, or are you happy with 7STRING in any form? And above all, how many of you would be interested in a cheaper, more regular Kickstarter for the issues, as opposed to a long wait for a more expensive one for the Graphic Novel.

Is it weird that it would go from GNs to issues? I know that in the early days, the format of 7STRING switched around a bit and frustrated some collectors as there were different sizes or different early collected editions of Volume 1. The last thing I want to do is frustrate you guys. I’m conscious of you feeling like you have to buy the same thing twice. The idea is that you wouldn’t. You choose how to read 7STRING, whether its in issues or graphic novels.

The point of this shout out is basically to establish if there would be enough support for the issues that they would sell. If 99% of you would just wait for the GN then this idea won’t work. But if you just want more 7STRING no matter what the format is, then let me know and maybe we can get this plan off the ground.

From my perspective, its a better financial model. I am more likely to get 7STRING to consistently release long-term, and to tell the story I want to tell with this system. But if its not for you, then tell me. You guys’s opinion is the most important thing.

Let me know your thoughts either in comments on this post, by email at nichangell@hotmail.co.uk on my 7STRING Facebook page or on Twitter @nichangell

Thanks again for your awesomeness. 7STRING is so much stronger for all your support!



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