My decision for the future of 7STRING…


Thank you so much for all your awesome feedback. It was really awesome for so many of you to take the time to answer this little artist’s mental ramblings and I really appreciate it. It has helped me come to a conclusion on what to do for the future of 7STRING that is not only right for the fans but right for the book itself. And amazingly right for ME!

It is rare that you end up with a solution to a problem that literally pleases everyone but I think I have found it. The majority of you who gave me feedback said that they would probably wait for a graphic novel if I switched to issues. This is what I thought might be the case, and considering I have already messed you guys around in the past, it makes sense that 7STRING stays the way it is now.

As one person said, there’s a chance I could end up selling fewer of both. Another mentioned how they like how my storytelling has changed since switching to GNs. Volume 2 feels more cohesive than Volume 1 which was originally written in issues.

So there’s all of that. If the majority of people wait for the GNs then the issues won’t sell praticularly well and the boon that could give me would be diminished.

But then one person said something TRULY EXTRAORDINARY that I hadn’t thought of (and they will remain nameless but they will know who they are while reading this and how awesome they are)… what about DIGITAL ISSUES?

This is the perfect compromise.

  • The story is released more frequently, growing the fanbase, getting more people into 7STRING and providing a better more regular income for me through the likes of Comixology.
  • I face no up front print costs to make this happen. I don’t have to keep ‘back issues’ in stock, draining money with limited sales.
  • I can split the existing GNs into digital issues, so that new collectors (who discover the story digitally) can collect the whole story in issue format if they desire.
  • The issues will be cheap so people who already have GNs and can’t wait to see what happens next can buy digital issues, and still afford to buy the next GN when its collected for their bookshelf. (if they want of course!)
  • I can get my ideas out more regularly and keep my motivation, monetum and excitement up.
  • The revenue made from digital sales can be ploughed right back into GN print costs, offsetting against a future Kickstarter (making the goal smaller) and potentially making 7STRING self sufficient in the long term. Better business.

The one thing I would be keen to preserve is the sense of cohesive storytelling that I achieved in Volume 2 when it was not split into issues. Basically this would be on me, improving as a storyteller and writer and making it work. I am more than up to the challenge. The model would be that you could only buy the story in issues digitally and only buy it in GNs physically.

So there you go! Let me know what you think but this is whats happening. Over the coming months you will see the release of all of the 7STRING saga so far as digital issues online, most likely through Comixology. I’ve been working on making the GNs ready for Comixology so this way I can split up the workload and get through it episodically.

I can also say this: I WILL RELEASE MORE 7STRING THIS YEAR!! Track 6 (the first part of Volume 3) will go online before the end of 2015. SO EXCITING!!

So I hope you are all as stoked as I am. Its perfect and I can’t think of anything better for 7STRING right now. So to celebrate, here’s a teaser image for the Track covers…


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