Hey guys!

So I thought I’d drop you a little post to tell you all about Big Punch Studios! For those of you that don’t know, Big Punch Studios is the fledgling comics and media production company founded by me and 3 other awesome people, to tell the stories we are bursting to tell.

Although primarily focusing on comics, as that is the industry in which we all met and know best, Big Punch has grand aspirations and plans for tabletop games design and production, and video content too. But that will all come in time…

For now, I’m telling you guys because if you like my comics and art and 7STRING, and of course the crossover Big Punch production ‘The Heavenly Chord’ then you’re going to love what Big Punch Studios is putting out right now.

Big Punch Magazine (our flagship product) is coming back in June this year with ISSUE 2! BPM is a quarterly magazine, serialising 5 brand new episodic stories from the same minds that brought you 7STRING and Afterlife Inc.

Featuring the continuing stories of Cuckoos (extraversal space exploration and cosmic intrigue), Orb (New York threatened by an astonishing stone starship), 99 Swords (the hunt for all of the legendary swords) and The Wall (an acrobatic team of Catchers defend a city from a rain of multi-coloured crystals)! Also my daft cartoon Cat and Meringue returns in full technicolour!!

Here’s a double page spread from Cuckoos (art by me, script by Jon Lock)

reflektor dps small

AND HERE is a poster page from ‘The Wall’ (art and story by me!)


You can subscribe to the magazine on our website and don’t worry if you’ve missed Issue 1! We can post that right out to you if you order it from our online shop!! So if your craving more storytelling and awesome comic action after reading 7STRING then why not have a look at Big Punch’s website and online store. As well as BPM there is all of the Afterlife Inc. series as well and we promise much much more on the way.

Also, Big Punch recently put out its first ‘MOVIEWORDS’ film commentary on Youtube. Our first episode is ‘The Matrix’! So if you want to kick back and watch a film you probably know inside-out and listen to our (often humourous, always daft) take on what’s going on, then all you need to do is go to our youtube channel, get your copy of The Matrix ready and click play on both at the same time! Its a lot of fun!

So that’s it for now! If you want to keep on top of what Big Punch Studios are up to then you can simply subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on twitter or like our Facebook page. But your first stop should definitely be our website if you haven’t been yet! There’s even a free comic to read online too!

check it all out at



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