Hey guys!

I’ve only got and gotten myself involved in another Kickstarter again! But this one is big, much bigger than just little ol’ me!

The UK has a huge and astonishing comic convention scene and a leading light in that scene, bringing the San Diego Comiccon vibe to the UK is the awesome MCM Comiccon.

It’s huge, gargantuan in scale, but for 10 years they have always made time for people like me, indie self publishing comic creators. They have done this with the Comic Village, an amazing special section of the con reserved especially for self publishers to rock up and have a sales table at the biggest con of the country. It’s such an incredible opportunity for small-press creators.

So to celebrate this awesome thing 10 comics village veterans have been brought together to create a very special graphic novel, that will highlight what’s so excellent about the comics being made in the Comics Village and hopefully invite new people to discover it! AND it’s being made in association with MCM itself. Its an official product!

I am lucky enough to have been asked to be one of these creators on the book and it’s going to be a doozy! Get this, it’s one story about a character who travels through multiple universes. Each time he’s in a new universe it’s drawn by a different artist! HOW COOL IS THAT?

But that’s not all, the idea is, the more successful the campaign the more comic village artists can get involved with the Art Cards. An awesome deck of artwork from as many comic village artists as possible. The further we get the more you’ll get if you have pledged to receive the art cards!!

So please consider supporting this awesome campaign, you can read all about the story and see all the different artists involved, at the campaign page here:

And here is MY drawing of the hero of the story… Orion. WOOP!



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