I want to hear from you, 7STRING fans!

Hey awesome 7STRING fans…

I have had an idea that I would like to run past you, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. It means a lot to me what you guys think because this book, this story is for you, first and foremost, so here’s the thing:

A volume of 7STRING takes a long time to make. And although it hasn’t been very long since the launch of Volume 2, i’m really excited about this story and I want there to be more 7STRING out there for you to read as soon as possible. Not only that, but making a graphic novel is an expensive project, and even with all your awesome generosity there is still every chance that another kickstarter of the same scale as my last one for Vol 2, wouldn’t succeed.

Working as part of Big Punch Studios on our new quarterly magazine, Big Punch Magazine, has taught me a lot about a different model. You see, releasing more regular smaller episodic content is incredibly cost effective and allows for content to reach the fans of the story more regularly, its a win-win situation.

What if I switched to an issues model for 7STRING?

Now I know what you’re saying! This isn’t a new idea at all Nich! Comics have been releasing single issues since the dawn of time! Floppy, staple bound 24 page issue comics are the bread-and-butter of comics… and you are of course absolutely right.

But its a big thing for 7STRING because up until now, 7STRING has only been released as graphic novels. (The hardcore fans among you may remember that when I started out with 7STRING I was releasing as issues, Track 1, 2 and 3 were A4 sized stapled floppies about 4 years ago. But I did very short runs of those and switched to Graphic Novels pretty quickly. This all happened long before I saw any widespread success with 7STRING)


The reason I would look to switching to issues is it is a more cost effective way of releasing 7STRING, to you guys. Graphic novels are hard to make work financially as the profit margins are that much tighter. If I ran micro-kickstarters for each issue it would give the devoted among you a chance to preorder the issues and get them before anyone else, and at the same time, massivley help me out with the (now reduced) print costs.

I would release, something in the region of, 3 issues per volume and the plan would still be to collect them as a graphic novel after a run of the issues. But this only works if people are interested in buying the individual issues.

The way I see it, there are 2 groups of you out there. The collectors, who are keen to see a perfect 7STRING library of graphic novels on their shelves… and the story-fans who are literally just looking forward to the next part of the story. The collectors would wait for the GNs and the story-fans would buy the issues to find out what happens next!

As far as the collectors are concerned, it wouldn’t make any difference to the length of their wait for the GN. If anything it might speed it up a bit as splitting it into small chunks for the issues might allow me to motivate myself better (a set of small goals, rather than one overwhelming one)

So my question to you all is, do you like this idea? Am I messing you guys around too much with this, or are you happy with 7STRING in any form? And above all, how many of you would be interested in a cheaper, more regular Kickstarter for the issues, as opposed to a long wait for a more expensive one for the Graphic Novel.

Is it weird that it would go from GNs to issues? I know that in the early days, the format of 7STRING switched around a bit and frustrated some collectors as there were different sizes or different early collected editions of Volume 1. The last thing I want to do is frustrate you guys. I’m conscious of you feeling like you have to buy the same thing twice. The idea is that you wouldn’t. You choose how to read 7STRING, whether its in issues or graphic novels.

The point of this shout out is basically to establish if there would be enough support for the issues that they would sell. If 99% of you would just wait for the GN then this idea won’t work. But if you just want more 7STRING no matter what the format is, then let me know and maybe we can get this plan off the ground.

From my perspective, its a better financial model. I am more likely to get 7STRING to consistently release long-term, and to tell the story I want to tell with this system. But if its not for you, then tell me. You guys’s opinion is the most important thing.

Let me know your thoughts either in comments on this post, by email at nichangell@hotmail.co.uk on my 7STRING Facebook page or on Twitter @nichangell

Thanks again for your awesomeness. 7STRING is so much stronger for all your support!



BOOK LAUNCH! – 7STRING Vol 2 AND The Heavenly Chord – Thoughtbubble Convention 2014

Photo 16-11-2014 13 09 04

THOUGHTBUBBLE 2014 WAS AWESOME!! I was launching 7STRING Volume 2 and my Big Punch Studios brother Jon Lock and I were launching The Heavenly Chord graphic novel and they both went down a storm! I sold loads of copies and we got some amazing 7STRING and Heavenly Chord love from loads of lovely people. It couldn’t have been a more awesome end to the conventions of 2014. Having 3 books on the table, (a veritable series!) felt great and it was a real culmination and celebration after some tough weeks slaving away in the studio. There’s nothing quite like seeing a finished book, its an astonishing feeling and they both look so pretty. Heavenly Chord just seemed to sit perfectly with both the Afterlife Inc. series of books AND the 7STRING series, and it really tied the two series together. We’ve got the serious makings of a Big Punch Library here guys, YOU BETTER WATCH YOSELVES!

Photo 16-11-2014 13 09 20

Check out the amazing 7STRING model made by the legend that is Richard Clarke. I love it and it was an awesome centrepiece on my table for the book launch! I’ll be wheeling that bad boy out for many more cons in the future… fact.

vol 2 montage

And here’s 7STRING Vol 2 in all its glory. So so happy with it, its such a good feeling to have 2 7STRING books on my table now. I know its been a long time coming, I just hope its worth the wait!

Also, as always, saw a lot of legendary chums and friends, some of which had new books too and it was brill. I bought as many as I could load into my little car and they all look gorgeous. Comics and friends. What more do you need? If I could live at Thoughtbubble I would.

tbubs haul 2

Here’s my haul with comics from some amazing creators, Jack Devereaux (the delightfully bizarre My Thumb has Gills), Martin Kirby (the now colour edition of Freelancer), James Lawrence (DANGERINE 3 OMG SO EXCITE!), Shaun Dobie (Outlands… looks so pretty), Vince Hunt (Stalkerville collected, looks ace), Robert W Beech (The Man who lived Forever), Brogan Coral (Starlight and her vector lady style that I LOVE), Anastasia Catris (many prints from her awesome mystery envelopes!), Carlos Pedro (Solomon), Jamie Smart (hilarious Bunny vs Monkey) and The Etherington Brothers (the beautiful Long Gone Don).

I can’t wait to dive in.

Til next year my awesome dudes.

More soon!

What an end to the year… 2 new books and a new job

Yesterday, 7STRING Volume 2 went to print. And not only that, The Heavenly Chord as well… allowing me to end 2014 with TWO NEW GRAPHIC NOVELS completed. I can’t quite believe it. TWO! And not only that, I heard today that I was successful in my application for a new dayjob… say hello to NICH ANGELL – DESIGNER/ARTWORKER!! So much for me to take in and its all happened at once!

I’ve had the craziest last two weeks. They began with me going on half-term holiday from my current dayjob (part time science tech at a school) staring down the 14 days til the print deadline for 7STRING Volume 2. The deadline that would allow me to make launch date at Thoughtbubble comic convention in Leeds on November 15th. In the middle of a mind blowing Kickstarter campaign, the book was definitely going to be… there were no excuses… I had 14 days to draw 16 pages, and to my fellow comickers out there, you know that is bordering on insane.

Comfortably it takes me two days to draw a page. That isn’t two days SOLID, that’s two evenings allowing for things like work, food and a bit of chill out for me time. So to need to draw MORE than a page a day was looking tough. But it gets worse…

I was then faced with a full weekend convention in London (MCM – lost 2 days) and a 5-day trial in a graphic design studio for a potential new job (5 days… lost)… that meant 16 pages… in SEVEN DAYS. It was knackering, and it nearly killed me, but I did it. I took my entire computer setup to my girlfriend’s Mum’s house for the job trial (closer to the job and meant I could keep my evenings instead of travelling) and spent all the evenings there bashing out pages… then went to ‘work’ and had to’ impress’ on my week long interview… it was crazy.

As if THAT wasn’t enough Jon Lock was badgering me for a cover for The Heavenly Chord GN which was only going to print because it was a successful stretch goal on the Kickstarter! But it’s print deadline was the same as Volume 2’s!! So I HAD to do the cover within the same time window. To be fair though Jon did so much on that book, all the layout, the back cover (which is awesome) and the incidental interior pages… absolute legend. I was more than keen to squeeze that cover into my hectic schedule… and I managed.

ON TOP OF THAT I needed to order more Volume 1’s to coincide with the launch of 2… but it was in the half started process of being re-lettered as I wanted to produce a more definitive and in-keeping version (a second edition if you will) to be worthy of a Kickstarter reward… so Ali, my amazing girlfriend spent a day and a half finishing re-lettering Volume 1… that’s right… she’s a letterer now. Watch out comics! I couldn’t have done most of this without her amazing support and then she went and did that for me… amazing.

As of yesterday morning I finished all the work and the 3 books went to print, 2 7STRINGS and a Heavenly Chord. They’ll be arriving in time for Thoughtbubble and I can’t wait to see them in all their fresh steaming book glory.

I crashed. We had sushi to celebrate, and I bought a Breath of Fire artbook and I fell asleep on my DS on Monday night.

This afternoon I got an email from the design company saying I’d got the job. Full title, Graphic Designer and Artworker. Not only is it better paid (taking home double my science tech wage) but its in line with my skills… my interests, my passion. It is so important for my main future though… my comics future. It will allow to invest some of my money into my projects, to grow my comics business and my books and my scope… it will improve my quality of life which in turn will improve my art and after a few years of it, with my comix fire burning ever stronger in my heart, it will help us make Big Punch the Big Reality it is destined to become.

I’ve struggled this year, things have been tough and I’ve doubted myself a lot. I always doubt my art but I was concerned about my future too, with not much money around and a deep seated knowledge that I’d never let go of my comix dream I didn’t know how I was going to take the next step forward… but with help from some amazing friends and the frankly bewildering level of belief and support from my parents and Ali… i’m feeling so positive now. The dream never went, and it never will, but I’m back on course with it now, my sails are full and nothing can stop me.

2015 is going to be huge. Big Punch has some plans for new comics, new stories and new… THINGS that are going to blow you away and I can’t wait to start drawing them… but for now, I think I’ve earned a night off.

I’m going to go eat pizza and watch Treasure Planet.

love to you all.

Nich out.



Amazing 7STRING Vol 2 preview at Travelling Man blog

Hey dudes, the Kickstarter or Volume 2 is now live and you can check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/234373302/7string-volume-2-ready-to-launch

Its been going really well thanks to some amazing support but there’s still a little way to go yet! Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, have a read of this amazing and lovely preview of the book from the legendary Alasdair Stuart over on the Travelling Man blog. I am truly honoured.


7STRING Volume 2 Kickstarter and limited edition print artwork!!

Ladies and Gents… IT’S TIME. The kickstarter for production of 7STRING Volume 2 will be going live tomorrow, Tuesday, 30th September.
As i’m sure a lot of you are aware, the number of pledges made in the first 24 hours on a campaign are very important for its overall success, as this improves its ranking on Kickstarter and increases its reach and the number of people who see it.
SO, if you want to help support the printing of Volume 2, if you head to Kickstarter tomorrow and pledge any amount, your pledge will count towards improving the campaign’s chances! PLUS you could be one of the first people to bag yourself a copy! Its only a £15 pledge to get yourself a copy of the book.

Also there’s an early bird special! The first 10 people to pledge can choose to grab a copy for the amazing discounted price of just £10!! But its limited to 10, so make sure you get in there speedy-like!
I’m treating this campaign almost like a preorder opportunity for the book. The goal isn’t huge and if you pledge, it’ll just be like ordering the book online with a couple of nice extras thrown in!

I hope you’ll consider helping the launch of Volume 2 into the world, you have my personal assurances it’s going to be RAD.

here’s a teaser for a limited edition print which is also available in the rewards for the campaign!

cooool zach